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Ocean CAD Image

Technical Showreel

Ocean Cad is a team of animation experts. We specialise in animated content for the offshore construction sector, combining latest visual effects with years of offshore experience to bring your visions to end users in a clear, concise way. Check out the showreel to get a flavour of the animations that can be created for your projects.

Watch Technical showreel here.

Ocean CAD Image

VFX Showreel

Visual Effects can enhance the animated content to bring a new, dynamic dimension to the subject matter.

Watch VFX showreel here.

Ocean CAD Image

Victorian Manchester in 1850

Detailed, 3D model of Manchester created from using old Ordnance Survey maps. Watch two journeys through Manchester in 1850, one from a balloon, the other from a steam train of the period.

Watch Victorian Manchester in 1850 here.